Being Realistic – Green Energy Is Not the Total Solution

With most things, you are instructed to weigh the positive aspects against the disadvantages, and take the information to make your decision. When you do this with Green Energy Sources, you will discover down sides, but none as bad as the possibility of running out of energy.

If global warming is actually a myth, it doesn’t mean that we should not make use of green energy sources. The biggest advantage to using green energy is that it is clean and doesn’t pollute the air with anything noxious. Contrary to fossil fuels such as oil, green energy is actually renewable so we would never run out of it.

A drawback to using green energy is the original start up cost can be quite high but it does not cost very much to operate once it is set up. Some other problems can be the consistency of such power. Solar and wind can both generate electricity, but the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t constantly blow. Many are concerned that setting up wind turbines require a lot of property and might have to cut back on farmland. Other styles of green energy are not sensible for every place like wave energy can only be set up in regions that get 16 feet or higher waves. In locations that are not really geologically unstable, it is not feasible to setup a geothermal energy.

Green Energy

While occasionally, setting up green energy may seem impractical, there are ways around it to make it take place anyway. If space is needed, wind turbines can be built near the ocean where wind is actually much more steady. While we have no control over the weather, you can anticipate the weather will certainly alternate between good and bad days. For solar energy, emergency generators can be utilized if the level of sunlight is not accessible in sufficient amounts.

There are actually ways around the majority of arguments, but some people don’t want things to change, unless it becomes totally necessary. If we continue to perform research on green energy, we will be able to find more sources and improve the present technology.

In Hawaii and Japan, they are experimenting with ocean thermal energy where power is created by the various changes in water temperature. At the moment, only 7% of the energy being generated in the United States is from natural sources. This percentage is higher than it was eleven years ago but it hasn’t expanded much since fossil fuel prices fluctuated. When things appear dreadful, people want to look for alternatives but once things settle, everything goes back to the status quo. See this article for more on this topic.

There are many choices for green energy like bio-diesel, biomass, geothermal, wind, water and solar. If all these forms of energy can become as profitable as oil, then these sources might be common place. If one day all the oil disappeared, the oil companies would be trying to find the most worthwhile form of energy to sell regardless of how safe it would be. The sad part is these companies are only looking to profit than to be good citizens of the earth.

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