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How To Use Renewable Energy In Your Home

With the desire that exists for a power source that isn’t as polluting and dangerous as fossil fuels, many people now want to use renewable energy in their homes too. This article considers some of the sources of renewable energy and how they can be used in the home.

Anyone who is a homeowner has a lot of options to use renewable energy. These homeowners may be using renewable energy without even being aware that they are using it.

Anyone who uses solar powered lights in order to brighten their walkway, or who uses a solar cover on their roof or hangs their clothes out to dry is already making use of the renewable energy of the sun. Different other renewable energy options exist which can be taken advantage of and by so doing the environment can be preserved.

One of the most practical renewable energy options for a home is the use of space heating as well as domestic hot water. This consists of more than 50% the energy usage of a persons household. By using renewable energy we also experience a lot of cost saving benefits.

One way of taking advantage of renewable home energy options is during the design of a new house. Having a southern wall that takes advantage of the windows can maximize the use of the low sun that prevails in winter. If you add a roof overhand over your windows it also allows the higher summer sun to be blocked. On a cool day you may also open your windows in order to let the breeze cool of the house so you can make use of wind energy.

This can be easily achieved by adding heat whenever there is winter and coolness during the summer. By doing this you reduce you heating and cooling costs quite naturally. You can also use day lighting in order to take full advantage of the sunlight during the day and take advantage of your daytime lighting needs.

Wood stoves have their advantages and only if you’re using wood, diseased wood or small pellets made from wood chips, crop waste and other organic material for burning. It is a renewable heat source which can be sued through space heating. Modern wood burning stoves are also much more efficient which makes them a more practical option.

A homeowner can make use of active solar heating. Solar water heaters make use of renewable solar energy in order to heat the water supply of a house. This makes use of the solar collector panels that are placed on a roof. Solar water also runs through pipes placed under these panels and it is heated directly by the sun. Water can also travel to a water tank that is placed in your home for personal use. Electricity is also a factor that you have to consider and it can be produced for a home using photovoltaic technology. This technology also runs on the same idea that a solar calculator is powered by. Solar energy is perfect for rural homes where it would be difficult to run an electrical line to.

Geothermal heat pumps use the heat that comes from the Earth in order to move heat from one area to another. What this system requires is that you use a network of underground pies in order to move heat exchange fluid. The heat pump moves this fluid and transfers it to buildings for use. Installation costs are around the same as traditional heating systems but the operational costs are substantially lower.

If you reside in the part of the windy country and you have some land available you can use a wind turbine in order to power your home and provide electricity for yourself. The location that you live in must be ideal in order for you to trap wind and you must be able to trap a certain amount of wind in order for it to work.