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Tips for Selecting a Timeshare Resale Company

If you are thinking of reselling your timeshare, you need to choose a reputable resale company that will meet your needs. The following are tips for choosing a timeshare resale company.

Look for a reputable timeshare resale company to help you sell out your timeshare. A good timeshare resale company will have membership with the Resort Development Organisation and you will have peace of mind knowing that they adhere to its code of ethics. You can also check their website for customers reviews so you will know what past clients think about the company. Contact Better Business Bureau to check their ratings and see if there are any complaints against them.

Make sure that the company you use to sell your timeshare is properly licensed. A great timeshare resale company will hold a real estate license given by the state and which indicates that they are a full-time business. In order to check the validity of the licence, it is advisable to contact the estate licensing agency in your area.

When selling timeshares, be vigilant of resale companies that are scammers and want to swindle your money. Some of the things that shows they are scammers include; if the resale company contacts you without an invitation, if they claim to have buyers waiting, if they ask for bank statements and credit card, and if they pressure you to make a quick decision. Avoid companies that pressure you to sell your timeshare with the motive of selling to you other timeshares.

Before you hire a resale company, it is important to inquire what methods they will use to advertise and promote your property. Look for a company that advertises using a variety of channels including the internet, billboards, local papers, and TV. When you are doing an online search for timeshare, you want to ensure that your property is featured so that you can be assured that potential buyers will be able to find it.

Another tip for selling your timeshare is to price it competitively. It is highly recommended that you compare the prices of timeshare in the same resort so that you will know what to price your timeshare. Lower the price of your property than that of your competitors in order to attract more potential buyers.

Make sure that the resale company gives you an offer in writing and not on the phone. It should include the services that they will offer and compare it with other companies. Also, you should obtain a detailed written contract that includes the costs or fees that you will pay, the duration of the contract and explaining whether you can rent or sell the timeshare on your own. Make sure that you read the fine prints carefully and understand the terms and conditions before making your payment.

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