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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Planner

You will undoubtedly find wedding planners almost everywhere today, but are they all right for you? Definitely not! In fact, they can vary in more ways than you’ll believe, from personality to pricing to actual results. In any case, it’s never wise to just choose the first one you meet or get introduced to.

It can be critical that you do a little research and weigh some pros and cons before finally picking someone.

Pore through online reviews, but make sure you stick to third-party consumer websites for credibility. Ask friends, relatives or coworkers if they have heard of anything about the planner you’re considering. After all, this is a big event in your life – probably the biggest even – so forget about taking chances.

Personal Chemistry

Keep this in mind: hiring a wedding planner means everything will begin and end with them. If you don’t seem to connect well together or if you don’t even like the person, you could be looking at disaster. You’d like someone who will at least feel like a long-time friend. You’ll be spending so much time together, so if you don’t click, how do you think will that affect your wedding? Unless you’re good together, even the best reviewed wedding planner will be wrong for you.

Defining Your Needs and Their Services

Brides don’t always have the same needs. Of course, planners will have different services they can provide as well. Start by deciding on the role your planner will take. Do you want them to take care of everything, from creating a concept to executing it? Maybe you already have a concept and you just want them to bring it to life. Or maybe all you need is someone who can coordinate with the vendors and suppliers.

Make sure you come prepared for your Meeting with the planner. Make a list of things you want to discuss so you don’t forget everything. Bring photos of weddings you like and have the planner see them. There are lots of places online where you can download and print them. In terms of the cost, different planners may bill you in different ways, but usually, they will charge you a percentage – around 30% – of your total costs.

One thing you must remember is that you don’t have to focus on just one prospective wedding planner. You should actually have two or three at minimum so you can compare before deciding which one to have. Of course, you need to make it apples to apples or your comparison will be futile. Give each one exactly the same specifics to work on when giving you an estimate.

Finally, don’t pick a wedding planner simply because they cost cheap. In most likelihood, there will be a catch and the risk is not worth taking.

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